Seize the Opportunity


Seize the Opportunity

We are experiencing a noteworthy rebound in staffing and hiring practices. Coming out of the downturn caused by rising interest rates, many companies are actively expanding their teams. This resurgence presents a promising outlook for many of you that were affected by downsizing last year, or looking for a new opportunity for various other reasons.

While the rising interest rates last year caused companies to act swiftly, the stabilization of rates and overall market conditions is causing companies to recalibrate their strategies to fuel growth. The path forward looks much more positive.

Job seekers, who faced a restricted job market recently, should now see a more favorable landscape. While demand for self-gen loan officers never waned (in fact, it has increased for many companies over the past 12 months), most other roles within the industry, such as internal loan officers, underwriters, and other back-office staff, are now in demand. Every day, I speak with companies that are hiring, despite possibly making [multiple] cuts in the past year.
As these companies adjust, you need to seize the moment and position yourself for success in this revitalized landscape. Update your resume. Network. Explore. The opportunity is there, don’t let it pass you by.

Mo Oursler, CMB

Executive Vice President, Mortgage Career Exchange

Mo Oursler is an established mortgage leader who has served in wide range of executive roles in operations, originations, credit risk, capital markets, university training, and leadership development.

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