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We Bring Talent

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Superus Careers places talented professionals with exceptional organizations across the country. We are redefining recruiting by leveraging cutting-edge technology and business intelligence to guide personal relationships.

This high-tech, high-touch approach yields efficient, accurate matches that focus on total alignment. Every candidate is technically qualified for the role, culturally aligned and ready to add value to the organization.

When the right person is in the right role at the right company, everyone wins. Attention to detail and passion for results is what makes candidates and companies choose Superus Careers.

Mission and

Core Values

Continually utilize business intelligence to maximize the best career match, ensuring successful partnerships between talent and organizations.


We take a high-tech, high-touch approach that uses technology as a guide for personal consultation.


We work with candidates and hiring managers to inform them about skill, personality and cultural fit.


We arm candidates and hiring managers with the tools to make the right decisions.

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