Be Visible – Distinguish Yourself From the Competition


Be Visible – Distinguish Yourself From the Competition

I’ve written a lot about the increasing number of job openings, driven by the [relatively] stabilized interest rate environment. However, don’t let this lull you into a false sense of security when applying to jobs – these positions are still competitive. And companies are still only going to pick the best candidate(s).

One of the best ways to stand out is through continued learning and education. In our industry, certifications and designations hold immense value. They demonstrate a commitment to professional growth, enhance knowledge and skills, and signal credibility to potential employers or clients. In some cases, certain designations or certifications may even be a pre-requisite for a position.

To stay competitive and maximize your earning potential, you need to prioritize continuous education. Industry regulations and market conditions evolve rapidly, and certifications act as a compass to navigate these changes effectively. By actively pursuing this additional learning, you will be positioned for long-term growth, financial stability, and a more rewarding career.

Mo Oursler, CMB

Executive Vice President, Mortgage Career Exchange

Mo Oursler is an established mortgage leader who has served in wide range of executive roles in operations, originations, credit risk, capital markets, university training, and leadership development.

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