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Becoming a Member of The Mortgage Career Exchange means more than just a searching for a job. 

It’s about joining a community of mortgage professionals.

It’s about personal and professional growth. 

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‘Enhance & Advance’ is a comprehensive solution to certify your Professional Excellence and Optimize your Resume and LinkedIn Profile to stand out and get noticed.

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MBA Education, the career advancement arm of the Mortgage Bankers Association, and Superus Careers, announced a partnership for mortgage professionals to maximize their employment options.

Through Superus Career’s Mortgage Career Exchange, ‘Enhance & Advance’ is designed as a comprehensive platform for professionals in mortgage banking to optimize their resumes and social profiles as well certify their professional knowledge. The goal is to help mortgage professionals highlight their skills and expertise in a way that gets noticed. While the primary benefactors may be professionals on the move or in the hunt for a new employer, employees looking to boost their skill set for career advancement can benefit as well.

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