Mortgage Career Exchange enhances model to support Mortgage Professionals during turbulent times


Mortgage Career Exchange enhances model to support Mortgage Professionals during turbulent times

Built by seasoned mortgage professionals and redesigning for the changing landscape

Early in 2022, Superus Careers launched the Mortgage Career Exchange with a single purpose: To unite talented mortgage professionals and quality mortgage companies. By mid-year, The Mortgage Career Exchange partnered with the Mortgage Bankers Association Education to launch their ‘Enhance & Advance’ product to certify mortgage professional’s credentials, support them in highlighting their skills and expertise on their resume and professional social profiles in an effort to illustrate to their current employers their commitment to the industry or future employers their expertise. With that mission in mind, it continues to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

The next few months will see greater engagement as a community rather than simply a marketplace. Rolling out cost effective partnerships for greater bank and nonbank lender participation as well as other partners outside of the mortgage industry is one initiative. Partners that value the transferrable skills to provide greater employer engagement and support for the tens of thousands of job seekers.

“The Mortgage Career Exchange is evolving to provide greater depth and breadth for both Mortgage Professionals and Companies navigating the current environment and become more of a supportive community,” says CEO Larry Silver.

To navigate the headwinds of the market, for a limited time, what previously was the monthly partnership fee will be an annual partnership for the upcoming year. Partners have access to post on the community job board, participate virtual networking events, access to the talent showcase with verified certification and validated references, discounted specialized placement searches, offboarding support, and other unique services planned for 2023.

Coming off the previous two years of hyper mortgage growth and the most active hiring marketplace the industry had ever seen, there were clear signs of fragments in the system. With historic low rates, high demand, remote work and a seemingly never-ending workload, lenders did their best to keep up. Decisions were made quickly by both candidates and companies; experience and expertise were sometimes overstated, corporate culture and vision at times distorted, onboarding, training and development was far from optimal. The rapid growth acceleration ended as quicky as it came as the brakes were slammed on interest rates, leaving many lenders with difficult decisions to make.

Silver, has seen his share of shake ups in the industry, having been on the front lines of the mortgage industry during through the housing boom of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, navigating the financial crisis of 2007-2008, the rebuilding of confidence in the mortgage industry through 2012, the significant growth from 2013 through 2018, the uncertainty of 2020 and seemingly overnight conversion to a remote workforce followed by explosive growth driven by all-time low interest rates and the swift change in the environment this past year.

“The changes come fast, and no one wants to be caught flat footed either way. The old way of keeping up with demand in staffing, a system typically done through referrals, somebody knowing somebody, simply does not work today. You didn’t really need to qualify the candidate’s knowledge and expertise,” says Silver. “That changed in a major way in 2020, and many lenders had a real challenge shifting on the fly. It was like changing a tire while the car is moving. Something had to change so we don’t repeat the same mistakes of the past. The Mortgage Career Exchange is that something. By industry professionals, for industry professionals.”

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